My Why

Ok here’s my why for why I love sharing oils with people. Definitely not a professional at taking pictures but this little bump is my why. I want to create at healthy happy home for our little boy to come into. Because I use these oils everyday I can’t help but share with others.

A lot of people are mistaken, I do not sell oils I simply share oils with those who are craving a better alternative from harsh medical treatments or simply just harsh chemicals in our everyday lives. As a Young Living member you do not have to share oils with anyone but how can I keep these amazing life changing oils to myself?! I can’t, so I share. I share so other mamas can experience not putting chemicals into their babies and having their babies thrive not coming home from school sick every other week. So mamas can help their babies and families with their allergies or other mental and emotional concerns. Everyone deserves to know about these oils and NEEDS them in their own home. That’s my why, for my baby boy and for you.

I’ll share this little combo with you. My husband had a 24 hour stomach bug last week. I applied Digize mixed with coconut oil to his stomach, peppermint and lavender to his temples, neck and shoulders and lavender mixed with coconut oil to the bottoms of his feet.  My husband doesn’t have strong opinions either way on my oils but he allows me to use them on him when he needs them. Well, the following morning he woke up and told me that my oils were amazing!!!! YAY! He slept great and felt better! What more could I ask for? So happy to see my husband feeling better 💗

Let me know if you have any favorite oily combos! Have a question? Let me know!


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