30 Days Of Ningxia 

Starting February 1st I am going to be doing 30 days of Ningxia Red! I will be posting how I feel along the way and the benefits I’m seeing from it. Why is Ningxia so amazing?! Well there are a few reasons why if you’re not drinking your daily serving (2 oz.) yes only 2 OZ. you really need to be. Do you have a beating heart? Then you need Ningxia! Are you a mama who needs all the extra energy she can get? Then you need Ningxia! Are you a college student studying into the wee hours of the morning? Then you need Ningxia! Need a 3 pm pick me up at the office? Then you need Ningxia! I could go on and on about Ningxia I ❤️ it so much! Oh and it tastes amazing! 🙌🏻

Here are some Ningxia facts-

These health benefits are something that as soon as you start consistently taking your Ningxia you’ll NOTICE!!! My husband and I LOVE our Ningxia and he has always been one of those 5 hour energy kinda guys. I love coffee. I probably will never stop drinking it all together BUT because I really do feel amazing after drinking Ningxia I have seriously cut down on my coffee intake!  And here’s why you feel amazing after one serving of Ningxia! 

Talk about nutrients and antioxidants!  Here is a list of the ingredients in Ningxia Red-

So, are you curious about how good you could feel with Ningxia Red? Are you wanting to curb sugar cravings and feel more mentally alert? If you are then why not try 30 days of Ningxia with me?! What do you have to lose besides mental sluggish sugar lows? Comment below and I will help you get your Ningxia! Let’s do 30 days of Ningxia together! Whose with me?! 




Free Peace & Calming! 

This is such an AMAZING promo!!! This oil is the oil I posted about a couple posts ago and how it has been a game changer for not only so many families out there but mine as well!!! 

This oil promotes mental calmness along with relaxation. It’s great for fussy babies and cranky mamas! You will realize like I did that it is worth it’s weight in gold! If you’ve been thinking of starting with essential oils now is the time to START! This oil has been out of stack for the last 9 months and you currently cannot purchase it, it’s only available in this promo! Click the order oils page in the menu to get your free Peace & Calming today! ✌🏻

 Be sure to select the Dewdrop diffuser for your free Peace & Calming 

*** Also check out the other goodies I am giving to anyone who signs up now through the end of January a few posts back!***

The Magnolia House

We arrived at the Magnolia House last night and you guys…it’s way more gorgeous in real life! The pictures don’t give this house justice! WOW! Super excited for our teams activities planned for today! Stay tuned for more Magnolia pics and our outing to the silos! 

Join Our Tribe!

Starting today through the end of this month, when you join our oily tribe and start your own journey with essential oils you will receive one of each of these incredible books!  In ADDITION to all the other perks you already get when you sign up (educational resources, community of oil lovers, Facebook groups and classes, and endless support).


Go NOW to the link in the menu here on my blog and sign up as a wholesale member!  You get to pick a out a diffuser, 11 of the purest everyday essential oils out there, plus a membership that gets you 24% off retail prices! Don’t miss out on these amazing products and the opportunity to better your families health! Comment with ANY questions!



Essential Rewards 

This is what I like to call Happy mail, or our monthly wellness delivery. Every month I get an auto shipment from Young Living, but my shipment is completely customizable! I can spend 50.00 or 500.00, I can change my products every month it’s so convenient I just love it!

Young Living has made it super simple for switching to non toxic family friendly products, and you get free promos every month based on how much you purchase. I was already buying toothpaste, detergents and lotions but now I know they are safe and effective and another little perk with essential rewards is that you get a % back in points to spend on future products!!!! More free products! It’s a win win! Now I don’t know what I’d do without my essential rewards.

Peace & Calming 

Ok, this was a game changer for me!!!! I am such a light sleeper and it usually takes me almost an hour to fall asleep! My brain just doesn’t want to shut off, even with everything I do to prepare myself for bed.

When I received this oil I loved the sent right away. I diffuse this oil all day and wear it on my diffuser necklace, love it! The first night I had it I applied it to my wrists and my chest and a blend of lavender and cedarwood in the diffuser. I also put the oil on my husband 🙂 well, falling asleep was easier and man oh man did I sleep like a baby! 😳😄 Another bonus for this oil is that it is safe and effective for using with your littles!! YAY!

You if you are breathing and have a heartbeat you NEED this oil! All oils are so beneficial for our wellbeing. Are you still buying your toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, multi purpose household cleaner, vitamins, beauty products, hair care and body products from the grocery store or Target like I was spending soooo much money?!?  Then you NEED Young Living in your life! My goal is to help as many people see the benefits of using these oils and products and getting them into as many homes homes as possible so families can feel better, not have to go to the doctor as often and not miss work or school because of being sick. Does that sound good to you? Then what are you waiting for?

Click the menu tab and order your oils now! You will not regret doing something great for your health and your families health.

My favorites for laundry 

My new favorite blend to use on our wool dryer balls is Gentle Baby blend. I love knowing that our clean laundry is in fact clean, not saturated in chemicals, yuck! Those chemicals in other laundry detergents and dryer sheets are wrecking your hormones, causing allergies and cancer! There is absolutely no way I will be putting those chemicals on myself and my baby!

Young Living has made it so incredibly easy to switch our household products from toxic ones to non toxic ones. Want to rid your home of toxic cleaning products too? Comment below and I will get back to you.

– xoxo

D I Y linen and room spray 

We’ve been cooped up in the house with all this snow we’ve gotten lately. I’ve been making up some DIY room sprays and a yummy pan of peppermint brownies with Peppermint Vitality essential oil.

I used to have candles in the house, lots of candles, along with plug ins. My husband who has allergies would get headaches frequently from all the chemicals in the artificial scents I had in the house. Sorry babe! 😬 Now our house smells clean and fresh and isn’t trying to kill my family! The air in our house actually aids our bodies systems now, immune system, our hormones and our emotions.

Here is the linen and room spray I made today-

8 oz glass bottle

2 oz. witch hazel

8 drops of each-lavender, gentle baby and Cedarwood

Spray around the house, in the nursery, on furniture, bed linens, dog beds and in your closets!

Smells comforting and divine!

My Magnolia Retreat 

Seriously cannot believe that this is happening!!!!! Pinch me! I just started my business with Young Living in November 2016. I have since been invited to a retreat at the Magnolia House in Waco Texas in just a matter of days!!!! Is this real life?! 

These women are incredibly thoughtful and the fact they have faith in me is something I should probably pay attention to. I have never in my life been this determined to be successful. Having a baby soon no doubt has lit a new fire under me that I did not know exsited but I kinda like it. This retreat will be a very small intimate group of women where we will learn from our leaders. I am still in shock that I will be meeting these ladies, for one I just started with this business and two, they are like celebrities, why do I get to be there?! Regardless of how unbelievable this opportunity is I am beyond words thankful for them! To top this retreat off with amazingness my sister will be going with me! She is the one who introduced me to Young Living and I cannot thank her enough for being the brave fearless unique leader who keeps pushing me forward to be me and reminding me that people will relate to my story and love what they see. So as I type this I hope someone can relate to being a new mama needing more. More income to help support your incredibly hard working husband who will never give up and more of a warm close community of oily women who WILL support and guide you through every step of this new journey. For me this new journey of being a soon to be mama and starting my journey with essential oils AND pursuing it as business to share oils with other women has been a big step! Big step it might be but I know this is going to be a great year for me. Magnolia Retreat here we come! 

Want to join our oily community? You’ll wish you would have started your journey with essential oils sooner, I did! 


Cinnamon Orange French Toast

I’m not sure about you but I love French Toast! Pancakes are good, waffles are good but, French Toast is my jam! Haha! I just recently started adding orange essential oil to my French Toast batter and let me tell you it really does take it to the next level! 😍 It’s legit! Here’s the recipe-

Yeilds about 8 slices

4 eggs

1 cup of almond milk

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

5 drops of Young Living Vitality orange oil

8 pieces of bread

Batter up each piece of bread and fry in a frying pan. Top with coconut oil or butter and maple syrup or powdered sugar! Enjoy!