My Magnolia Retreat 

Seriously cannot believe that this is happening!!!!! Pinch me! I just started my business with Young Living in November 2016. I have since been invited to a retreat at the Magnolia House in Waco Texas in just a matter of days!!!! Is this real life?! 

These women are incredibly thoughtful and the fact they have faith in me is something I should probably pay attention to. I have never in my life been this determined to be successful. Having a baby soon no doubt has lit a new fire under me that I did not know exsited but I kinda like it. This retreat will be a very small intimate group of women where we will learn from our leaders. I am still in shock that I will be meeting these ladies, for one I just started with this business and two, they are like celebrities, why do I get to be there?! Regardless of how unbelievable this opportunity is I am beyond words thankful for them! To top this retreat off with amazingness my sister will be going with me! She is the one who introduced me to Young Living and I cannot thank her enough for being the brave fearless unique leader who keeps pushing me forward to be me and reminding me that people will relate to my story and love what they see. So as I type this I hope someone can relate to being a new mama needing more. More income to help support your incredibly hard working husband who will never give up and more of a warm close community of oily women who WILL support and guide you through every step of this new journey. For me this new journey of being a soon to be mama and starting my journey with essential oils AND pursuing it as business to share oils with other women has been a big step! Big step it might be but I know this is going to be a great year for me. Magnolia Retreat here we come! 

Want to join our oily community? You’ll wish you would have started your journey with essential oils sooner, I did! 



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