Peace & Calming 

Ok, this was a game changer for me!!!! I am such a light sleeper and it usually takes me almost an hour to fall asleep! My brain just doesn’t want to shut off, even with everything I do to prepare myself for bed.

When I received this oil I loved the sent right away. I diffuse this oil all day and wear it on my diffuser necklace, love it! The first night I had it I applied it to my wrists and my chest and a blend of lavender and cedarwood in the diffuser. I also put the oil on my husband 🙂 well, falling asleep was easier and man oh man did I sleep like a baby! 😳😄 Another bonus for this oil is that it is safe and effective for using with your littles!! YAY!

You if you are breathing and have a heartbeat you NEED this oil! All oils are so beneficial for our wellbeing. Are you still buying your toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, multi purpose household cleaner, vitamins, beauty products, hair care and body products from the grocery store or Target like I was spending soooo much money?!?  Then you NEED Young Living in your life! My goal is to help as many people see the benefits of using these oils and products and getting them into as many homes homes as possible so families can feel better, not have to go to the doctor as often and not miss work or school because of being sick. Does that sound good to you? Then what are you waiting for?

Click the menu tab and order your oils now! You will not regret doing something great for your health and your families health.


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