30 Days Of Ningxia 

Starting February 1st I am going to be doing 30 days of Ningxia Red! I will be posting how I feel along the way and the benefits I’m seeing from it. Why is Ningxia so amazing?! Well there are a few reasons why if you’re not drinking your daily serving (2 oz.) yes only 2 OZ. you really need to be. Do you have a beating heart? Then you need Ningxia! Are you a mama who needs all the extra energy she can get? Then you need Ningxia! Are you a college student studying into the wee hours of the morning? Then you need Ningxia! Need a 3 pm pick me up at the office? Then you need Ningxia! I could go on and on about Ningxia I ❤️ it so much! Oh and it tastes amazing! 🙌🏻

Here are some Ningxia facts-

These health benefits are something that as soon as you start consistently taking your Ningxia you’ll NOTICE!!! My husband and I LOVE our Ningxia and he has always been one of those 5 hour energy kinda guys. I love coffee. I probably will never stop drinking it all together BUT because I really do feel amazing after drinking Ningxia I have seriously cut down on my coffee intake!  And here’s why you feel amazing after one serving of Ningxia! 

Talk about nutrients and antioxidants!  Here is a list of the ingredients in Ningxia Red-

So, are you curious about how good you could feel with Ningxia Red? Are you wanting to curb sugar cravings and feel more mentally alert? If you are then why not try 30 days of Ningxia with me?! What do you have to lose besides mental sluggish sugar lows? Comment below and I will help you get your Ningxia! Let’s do 30 days of Ningxia together! Whose with me?! 




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