The reason why…

“I can’t buy a starter kit because”…

We hear it all the time, the reason why someone can’t (or doesn’t want to) buy a starter kit. But seriously, you don’t have to be rich to make some big health changes for your family! I know, I am one of those not so rich people.
– I don’t have the money. Ok, we understand that not everyone has 160.00 laying around to spend right away on their starter kit. But everyone is already spending 160.00 somewhere on something that is definitely NOT helping their families health. What everyone needs to understand is that these oils have saved me hundreds of dollars because we don’t have to go to the doctor or go run to the store and get medicine all the time.

– I can find cheaper things at the store. Yep, you can! But that’s a scary thing to think about! We need to start SUPPORTING systems and stop treating symptoms! If you use the products Young Living offers you won’t have to worry about years down the road feeling horrible and wishing you would have bought the quality products way back when. Bottom line you get what you pay for.

– I’ll look into it or I need to research it…but do you give your kid soda, candy and clean your home with hormone disturbing cleaners?! Please do look into how amazing essential oils are and how they support our bodies to function naturally, to boost our immune and emotions! Look into how good you’ll feel once your body has detoxed all those chemicals out of it. And once you do finally feel better because you’ve switched to using oils daily you’ll want to scream it from the roof tops.

– The sample you gave me didn’t work. The best way to get the most benefit from essential oils is to use them CONSISTENTLY. Maybe what worked for one person isn’t what will be best for you, you have to be willing to try different ones and see what works best for you, but again…CONSISTENCY is key.


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