Hospital Bag Necessities

I’m starting to pack my hospital bag and the first thing I’m packing are the oils I will be using!

I’m thinking Valor + Joy in for emotional support because they are my fav! Release, and Sclaressence for labor, Lavender and Gentle Baby for skin, Ningxia Red for energy and recovery.  Peace + Calming in the diffuser. Progessence Plus for hormonal support, I will start using this probably 10 days after birth. Calarderm!  I have actually already been using Claraderm for perineum care in hopes of tearing less! The testimonies on this product have been amazing!

I will be trying out the “morphine bomb” for my little guy for pain relief from all the poking, prodding and cutting that his little body will be going through.  Here’s the recipe-

I will be starting off low and slow and what I mean by that is 1 drop of each diluted with coconut oil on the bottoms of his feet.


Idaho balsam fir



Other items will be:


-my own pillow

-slippers + my own birthing gown

-pj’s + nursing bra and tanks

-chapstick + water bottle

-phone charger


-bathroom toiletries + Art gentle cleaner + homemade face toner + coconut oil

-make up + homemade dry shampoo

-books!!! I just ordered a few new books that I am excited to dive into for nursing times!

-rose ointment for nipple cream

-tender tush…not just for itty bitty ones and little parts

-annnnnd allllll the oilssssss!!!



Essential Rewards 

Here is another reason why I love Young Living, like I needed another reason!

My Essential Rewards order came yesterday and the day my order comes is always the happiest of all days!

Essential Rewards is a customizable monthly order and rewards program where you earn free products every month, along with points back on every order and reduced shipping! It’s been a great way for my family to ditch and switch our toxic chemical products for clean non toxic products that benefit our health! Love it so much! I got 5 FREE oils this month and and a Free fruit and veggie spray! YAY FREE! In the next couple weeks or so I will be cashing in all the points I have earned for all my delivery oils to take to the hospital with me! Stay tuned for that!

Anti-Aging DIY Face Mask 

I made this mask last night and had to share! 😍 It leaves your skin so silky smooth! Have you read about all the benefits of Frankincense? You should if you haven’t, it blew my mind! Often thought of in ancient times to be more precious than gold!!!