Think Dirty….the app! 

Do you guys have the app Think Dirty?If not you should get it and start scanning your bathroom products and cleaning products around your home and see what it measures up to being clean and safe for your family! Umm…I was SHOCKED when I started scanning all my make up and cleaners. That’s when I made the decision to ditch and switch and do my best at trying to eliminate chemicals around my family.

+ first up, download the app on your phone “think dirty” and start scanning things in your home. You might even think they are safe/clean/organic…but let me tell you (sadly) marketing is tricky and you will soon be SHOCKED what you are putting on your bodies!

+ next, you think okay what should I do now?

Think THIEVES! We use all the Thieves line and let me tell you that as a new mama soon- I am GRATEFUL to know exactly whats going on our bodies and that it is truly safe.

+Thieves Laundry Soap:

-Thieves Laundry Soap is plant-based and is as pure and natural as a detergent is going to get—plus it contains the most powerful essential oils on the planet that not only make it smell amazing, but really help to get things clean. I mean, I use Thieves for cleaning literally everything in my house, and now they’ve made the best detergent I’ve ever tried out of the stuff.

This little compact bottle does 64 loads of laundry, instead of your typical 32. It’s 6x concentrated, so a little goes a long way. I love that it’s not so cumbersome like those giant jugs of detergent, and doesn’t take up a ton of space in your laundry room. And IT. WORKS. Stains come out, whites don’t get dingy, dirty husband clothes come out CLEAN. I can’t believe how well it works with only needing to use such a small amount.

+Thieves Household Cleaner

– Our favorite and most amazing all-in-one, clean, non-toxic cleaner (free this month in the promo!)……This one bottle will clean everything from your toilets to your car, your toys to your floors. And it’s highly concentrated, only needing one ounce for an entire spray bottle of water so it will last you forever!

+ Thieves Foaming hand soap- yep, you guess it…I have this at every single sink in my home. It smells amazing, cleans amazing and its safe for those precious little hands its washing!

+ Thieves Fruit & Veggie Spray

– Wash that produce and feel confident that you’re only getting the nutrients, NOT the bugs, dirt, or chemicals that might be on the outside! Plus, it doesn’t add any weird flavor or aftertaste to your delicious fruits.

+ Thieves Dish Soap- guess what it says on the bottle? “If swallowed, drink plenty of water…” -Safe, good product AND….it cleans amazing!

I literally took my weekly “grocery store” budget and made a shift to these products and will never.go.back.


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